Analysing the dispersion of noxious substances - regardless of whether these are released through terrorist attack, industrial accident or in the form of military weapons - is a key prerequisite for adopting efficient countermeasures. Dispersion models thus firstly serve to support early warning measures when facing an imminent threat and secondly help to plan and train future threat scenarios. They therefore serve as an important tool in state-of-the-art incident/crisis management.


Dispersion models must take into account both the source type of the noxious substance as well as the current ambient conditions, meteorological conditions and topography of the hazard area to facilitate a realistic prediction of atmospheric dispersion and consequently the degree of danger to the population.
news is a software system that facilitates both the simulation of complex dispersion conditions (e.g. the dispersion of biological warfare agents) as well as the calculation of warning areas and hazard areas in compliance with NATO standard ATP-45. news is currently deployed as the WMD evaluation module in the German Air Force's new Surface-to-Air-Missile Operation Centre (SAMOC).

Dispersion simulation:

The dispersion model is a so-called particle model, i.e. the warfare agent cloud is represented by a large number of particles moving within a wind field. Wind and turbulence data is provided by suitable prior models. The data provided by these prior models may be simple wind profiles or may even take the form of a complex, spatially/temporally variable wind vector field, such as the local model used by the German Meteorological Service (DWD). Known under the name HEAT (Hazard Estimation After TBM engagement), the model is used in the field of extended air defence (EAD).


ATP-45-compliant evaluation:

ATP-45 is a NATO standard for reporting nuclear detonations, enemy attacks using biological/chemical weapons, their contamination impacts, and releases other than attack (ROTA). This standard also governs predictions and warnings of hazard areas in the aftermath of WMD attacks and ROTA events and the communication exchanges between NATO's armed forces and military and civilian authorities and institutions at national level. 



newscom is a stand-alone software system developed within the scope of NATO's deployment of HEAT. Its function is to facilitate communication between various news systems, as well as between other systems, using a very wide range of communication protocols. news utilises state-of-the-art IT technology to configure almost any kind of communication structure 



  • Lagrange-type dispersion calculation (particle model)
  • Inclusion of topographical data
  • Use of a spatial/temporal wind vector field
  • Calculation of warfare agent evaporation
  • Modelling of biological dispersion taking into account UV radiation, coagulation, and dry deposition
  • Management of ATP-45-compliant meteorological reports
  • Inclusion of geographic information, such as data on the terrain, population, vectors, and satellite data, plus support for diverse coordinate systems.


  • NBC evaluation compliant with NATO standard ATP-45
  • Prediction of contamination impacts after NBC or ROTA events
  • Calculation of impact times and isodose lines
  • Automatic generation of hazard prediction messages in ADatP‑3 format for warning troops and the population
  • Dispersion calculations for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) service


  • Visualisation of contaminated areas in the aftermath of an NBC attack or ROTA event
  • Visualisation of relevant sites such as the location of own troops, factories and nuclear power plants


  • Diverse communication options
  • Fully automated transmission of meteorological reports for NBC evaluation from the intranet of the German Armed Forces

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