ausbreitungCalculation of the dispersion of contaminants

Analysis of the dispersion of contaminants - regardless of whether they have been released by military weapons or industrial accidents - is one of the most important requirements for effective countermeasures.

Assessment of conventional and intelligent missile systems

tms uses innovative, appropriately detailed simulation models to assess missile systems, which are validated by comparison with the data precisely determined during real tests.

feldlagerschutzMilitary camp protection

The military camp protection required examining active measures to protect it against rockets, artillery and mortars. A software system was created for this purpose, which simulates scenarios with RAM threats and defence systems and assesses the protective effect for military camps and their surroundings.

Planning and optimisation of production facilities

Just like an orchestra, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The complex interaction of the components and the large number of process variables to be included are more than conventional planning methods can cope with.

systemsicherheitSystem Safety

The protection of persons and the environment in our daily working life is one of the most important tasks of respectful cooperation. Technical systems and equipment might bear hazards – nevertheless those systems must be operated safely. Their safety is influenced decisively by the right actions taken at reasonable efforts during the development process.

Investigation into guided underwater missiles


geopenetrator kleinInvestigation into geopenetrators

Risk Assessment