Planning and optimisation of production facilities

Consideration of numerous influencing variables during the design and modernisation of production facilities is decisive for subsequent success:
Just like an orchestra, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The complex interaction of the components and the large number of process variables to be included are more than conventional planning methods can cope with. The planner needs contemporary resources to enable them to reliably, safely and efficiently solve their difficult task.
Powerful simulation techniques, such as those used by tms, can replicate existing or planned facilities as a computer model and analyse them, cost-effectively and reliably, with the help of the computer. Such a simulation can take into account all the relevant parameters such as setting-up and machining or processing times, personnel deployment, machine types and the working hours model as well as the basic sequencing logic. When setting up the simulation model, tms works closely together with its client:
tms experts speak their language, always keep an eye on the costs and separate what is important from the irrelevant.

The simulation model helps to find the economically and technically optimum features, to optimise the material flow and/or to develop control rules. Weakpoints in the design are discovered at an early date, before they result in disadvantages in reality. The simulation provides investment security: It proves, on an objective and comprehensible basis, that equipment achieves the expected benefits, instead of merely shifting a bottleneck in the overall system to another place. tms offers services for the analysis and evaluation of planned and existing plant or systems with the help of simulation and assists you in making a decision.

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