Software Technology

Our approach

Our software development activities are dominated by the complex problem domain we are working in (complex systems, modeling & simulation). Our developers are working on a solution of a complex overall problem and are not limited to specific technologies or phases of the development lifecycle.

Some of the methodologies and tools we are currentyl using can be found below.

Project Management/Development Process

  • V-Modell XT

Software Development

  • Java (SE, EE)
  • C/C++
  • Frameworks (Qt Framework, Spring, Apache Commons, ...)
  • Middleware (Webservices SOAP/REST, Apache Camel, ...)
  • Build Tools (Maven, Ant, ...)
  • Continous Integration (Hudson, Jenkins)
  • Testing & QA (JUnit/CPPUnit, Findbugs, Checkstyle, Sonar, Code Coverage)
  • IDE (Eclipse, Visualstudio)
  • Simulation (DIS, HLA, our own frameworks)

User Interface Technologies

  • Special emphasis on Rich Clients (Qt, JavaFX, Swing, MFC, ...)
  • 3D-Programming (Java3D, OpenGL)
  • Data Visualization, NASA Worldwind, GIS Frameworks
  • Web-Clients


  • Numerical methods (differential equations, ...)
  • Optimization (genetic algorithms, ...)
  • Statistical methods (Monte-Carlo-Simulation, data fusion, automatic classification, ...)
  • Fast algorithms (for example using GPU programming)
  • Physical simulation (particle models, aerodynamics, atmospheric models, ...)


  • SQL
  • Oracle, MySql, Postgres
  • Embedded databases (SQLite, HSQLDB, H2, ...)

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