Piktogramm Entwicklung

We develop technical solutions for special tasks on behalf of our customers. In many cases we use these developments or the developed modules or processes for technical investigations and for studies ourselves. Our electronics laboratory as well as our construction with attached workshop support the specific system developments.

Dealing with software, (programmable) electronics and hardware is part of our daily craft. Especially in the field of CBRN protection, we have been creating complex software solutions for years. To be emphasized here are:

  • NEWS - The CBRN Warning and Reporting Software of the German Armed Forces
  • Individual solutions for civil defense and disaster control for CBRN detection
  • UBS Universal trajectory simulator - a modular 6-DoF missile simulation system.

At tms, such projects are implemented by an experienced, often interdisciplinary team that understands both the technical issues and the necessary technical tools. This is the only way to create optimal solutions.

Customized software solutions

Our developments are significantly determined by the technically demanding and diverse problems. Our developers work to solve an overall problem and come into contact with all aspects and roles of a development. We tend to work in an agile manner but often in a traditional, contractual (fixed price) construct. We choose technologies that are best suited for the task at hand.

The software technologies we use include traditional Java and C++ stacks as well as Node.js and Angular with Continuous Integration and associated frameworks. On this basis, we build both complex, classic desktop applications (e.g. for measurement data processing) and highly available, distributed systems.

In addition to the pure technology, a collegial, open interaction with each other, the right balance between efficiency and quality and enthusiasm for the task are particularly important to us. We are constantly looking for reinforcements for our team and look forward to receiving qualified applications.


Electronics development

We know our way around electronics: Starting with the smallest 8-bit microcontrollers, through common 32-bit types (Arm Cortex derivatives) to FPGAs, we use programmable electronics in robust measurement technology. Often the task is to measure the movement of a body initially, to record pressure and temperature precisely and to save the measurement data permanently in an internal memory first.

Platine Löten

We develop the necessary measurement electronics in-house. Our engineers, technicians and designers cover all relevant development steps in close coordination with each other and with our customers: Schematic design, circuit simulation (based on SPICE), layout design, PCB design, assembly, e-test. The "naked" electronics usually still need housings, which we design and manufacture ourselves - depending on the type of application and load profile. In addition to the operation of the devices, there is often also the use during tests, the evaluation and the analysis of measurement data.

Examples of successfully applied electronics developments are a target display "vespe 120 mm" (product flyer in the download area), a multi-channel high-speed measurement system for the ROTEX experiment of the DLR Aerospace Center (publication in the download area), a highly acceleration-resistant electronics for testing the function of the FBM21-GER fuze for drop munitions, inertial measurement technology in the EU project EU-RADION (H2020, Grant No. 883204).

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