Piktogramm Safety

Technical systems and plants must be operated safely. The protection of life and limb and the responsible handling of our environment in everyday working life are among our most important tasks. Established rules and regulations form the mandatory legal framework for the operators of technical systems that can potentially be dangerous for users or bystanders - in the event of a fault, or even when performing normal operating functions.

Current state-of-the-art safety standards define a safety lifecycle for the development of safety-related products; this ranges from the early concept phase through the realization of a system to its decommissioning.


System security for the Bundeswehr and weapon system security

Industry-specific product standards for functional safety are nowadays often derived from the DIN EN 61508 series of standards. In the defense sector, this current basic safety standard is applied directly to developments. Specific supplements have been developed for the needs of the German armed forces, for example the BW-specific risk graph. An online tool for numerical calculation can be found at

tms supports many innovative developments, especially in the field of defense technology by providing safety-related support and carries out independent tests ("audits") to prove system safety. Our services in this area are:

  • Implementation of safety analyses (FTA, FMEA)
  • Conducting independent security audits
  • Support with the safety proof
  • Testing and evaluation of safety functions (software, hardware)
  • Conduct reviews and audits, for example, based on:
    • DIN EN 61508
    • ISO 26262
    • MIL-STD-882
  • Safety integrity certification tests
  • Creation of safety manuals
  • Risk assessments (according to ArbSchG)
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