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Since the company was founded in 1970, we have been working on study projects with a technical-scientific background, with a focus on security and defense.

Theoretical analyses, computer-aided simulation and project-accompanying testing are the methods that complement each other at our company. We validate physical models by means of a study-accompanying testing operation and with the preparation, execution and evaluation of experiments.

For modeling and simulation (M&S) we apply (and implement) classical methods for the numerical solution of differential equations, sometimes we also use finite element methods (FEM) based on commercial products. We are proficient in common optimization methods. If algorithms have to be developed for concrete problems, we have good experience with approaches like artificial neural networks, Bayesian methods, Kalman filters, etc., but also classical time series and frequency analysis or simplified, heuristic methods. In the area of statistical simulation, we primarily rely on Monte Carlo methods in order to elicit influences of different parameters on processes and results.

If the theory needs to be verified and validated, we plan experiments, carry them out, evaluate the measurement data obtained and interpret the results. Since this usually involves the construction of instrumented prototypes, we often face the additional challenge of either adapting suitable measurement technology or developing it from scratch for the individual measurement task.

Examples of study topics are studies on atmospheric dispersion of particles and gases, threat area analyses, hard-target-defeat analyses or fast underwater motion (exploiting the physical effect of supercavitation). With respect to sensor technology, we deal with sensor simulation for radar, IR sensor technology or with statistical time series models for chemical sensors.

Research and technology (R&T) for the Bundeswehr is application-oriented. tms has supported a number of system developments through to series production. Today, for example, the Bundeswehr uses various air-to-ground weapons whose performance characteristics tms has helped to shape in cooperation with the system houses. Examples of this are the Mephisto penetrator in the TAURUS KEPD-350 guided missile and the all-weather, precision-guided GBU-48 TIP drop munition.

Nationally and internationally, we cooperate in various constellations with different partners from research and industry.

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